Rotary Thinking Big.

Its a little while since some of us have been in contact, so I hope you are well and thriving. Such a pity that we could not have an end-of-season get-together as in previous years. Maybe there will still be an opportunity later in June.  Who knows. Once again I want to thank you for all your work and enthusiasm for the project and hope that most of you will be able to participate once more this coming season. The Club is again meeting in person at the Hotel Bendinat, albeit respecting the necessary Covid restrictions.  Thanks to the introduction of our team member Frank Garrelts, I was contacted by a journalist for the Rotary Global Magazine, published once a month from the States, and sent to some 1,500,000 members worldwide. Attached is a copy of the relevant pages from this month’s issue, including an article about our Debates project, and a photo of the Queen’s team. And a few words about me. No comment !First time ever for our Club.

Hope you find it interesting. For those of you who are not members of our Club, you may be interested to come along one Monday. We meet once a week on Mondays (except fiestas) at 13.30 to start our lunch at 14.00 finishing promptly at 16.00.If you would like to join us for lunch one day, please just let me know a couple of days in advance…. for the hotelorganization.  I look forward to hearing from you.






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