Rotary Calvià International makes Paella for 450 people in need.

With a Rotary volunteer team, the Rotary Club assisted with, and funded, Calvià Paella with a donation of 350€. With Association Tardor, their volunteers, and their kitchen, we reached our goal in 2 days. Friday 26th and Saturday 27th

Other volunteers made Paella, deserts, cakes, sandwiches, and pastries at home which they delivered themselves to the Tardor premises.

John Robbins thanked all those who joined the project. He felt that he hadn’t worked so hard in years! We certainly came away with an appreciation for the dedication and hard work of the regular volunteers who do this 7 days a week.

Judging by the comments on Saturday most of the participants agreed with me that is was a very worthwhile project.
Summary of the Tardor project feb 2021






2 responses to “Rotary Calvià International makes Paella for 450 people in need.”

  1. Aileen Mitchell avatar
    Aileen Mitchell

    First time volunteering for Tardor and it won’t be the last ! Tremendous efforts by all especially the people who work tirelessly everyday for free to make sure people have food to eat . The atmosphere and comraderie was fantastic and it just goes to show how even Covid 19 can’t dampen the spirit of giving

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