On Monday Rotary Clavia meeting new Guest

Frank Garrets talk about zoom meeting in Covid time

Frank Garrets

Our President opens the lunch meeting with two interesting Guest SOS Animal from Calvia and Liz Homburg from Rana Foundation

The Galatzo Walk starts on 23 September 2021: Book here your walk 3 km and 8 km

Rotary Charity Walk

RANA Foundation

RANA (Red de Ayuda a Niños Abusados) is a non-profit foundation in the Balearic Islands, whose social function is to prevent mistreatment and sexual abuse of children, through awareness-raising activities, education and networking. Prevention of sexual abuse begins with citizen knowledge and information. If this problem still persists in our society, it is due to silence. We believe that a fundamental step to break this silence are awareness campaigns, the training of professionals and adults responsible for protecting children, and prevention programs.

Liz Homberg

This educational introduction to child sexual abuse helps you learn how to prevent, detect and act responsibly. It is developed in various fields, such as education, sports and police, among others. Make visible the problem of child sexual abuse. Train in detection and intervention by promoting good practices and promoting the creation of internal protocols for action. However, it is also a space to promote non-formal education and achieve the prevention of child sexual abuse from another perspective. https://www.fundacionrana.org/es


SOS Animal is a non-profit association founded in 1995 with the aim of helping animals in need in Mallorca. Currently its headquarters are in the municipality of Calvià, where most of the association’s activities and volunteering take place. Since 1998, there has been a collaboration agreement with the Calvià City Council that has made it possible to date to save the vast majority of the animals in the municipal kennel and improve their living conditions. 

In 2004, the association, together with a sponsor, created the SOS Animal Foundation, which signed an agreement with the Calvià City Council in 2008, as a result of which, it cedes the adjacent land to the municipal kennel, where the facilities are located

Maxi Lange


  • To raise the necessary funds, together with the Foundation, to expand our facilities in the area adjacent to the communal shelter and to create or supplement the necessary infrastructure (a home for cats, dog seats, an operating room, a warehouse, etc. ).
  • To ensure the funding of proper animal care, for example, By a sufficient attitude of the staff.
  • Increase volunteering, increase the number of members.
  • Expansion of the stray cat birth control campaign in cooperation with BALDEA.
  • Promote and improve knowledge about the behavior and needs of pets for young and old. Specific dog training courses.






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