On Monday 26th July RCCI welcomed the very special presentation of Sonrisa Médica.

Sonrisa Médica  is a non-profit association, a pioneer in Spain in the field of Hospital Clowns who accompany hospitalized patients. It was declared a public utility by the Ministry of the Interior in 2004. The Association gives illusion and humor in the public Hospitals of the Balearic Islands and firmly believes in joy as the best medicine, and in the potential of the hospital clown as a therapeutic tool.

Marta Barrio and Guillermo Garcia

Sonrisa Medica is committed to the process of humanization and positive transformation of the healthcare environment through music, magic and illusion, mobilizing emotions and releasing tensions of patients, families and health personnel.  We consider that reaching an appropriate emotional state is crucial to help cope with serious diseases!

Thank you Marta Barrio and Guillermo Garcia for your wonderful presentation this afternoon


Marta Barrio and Guillermo Garcia






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