Oct 1, 2020

Dear friends:

Traditionally, in the month of October, Rotarians are proud to celebrate the anniversary of the fight against Poliomyelitis and it would be a moment to also manifest that celebration in a visible way. I encourage you to hold events to remember this work that has involved us for more than thirty years. Illuminate meaningful buildings and encourage talks that remind us of the years we have been fighting to eliminate this terrible disease from Earth.

In times of Covid-19, we must NOT forget about contributions to The Rotary Foundation . Thanks to her, millions of people have benefited, and are benefiting, from the thousands of projects around the world, and also in our communities, where we have been able to help with Grants thanks to her funds. It is hard for me to think that you can be a Rotarian without contributing to The Rotary Foundation, each with what you can, but it is a gesture of commitment to Rotary . Don’t Forget A Rotarian Every Year, this year more necessary than ever. Those of you who have contributed regularly may be close to achieving PHF recognition, I encourage you to join the Paul Harris Circle that recognizes those of us who commit to contributing to the Rotary Foundation each year. Remember that you can also contribute periodically in amounts that, although they may seem small, added to those of others, help to keep alive the Foundation’s motto: Doing Good in the World.

Remember also that in the Rotary of the 21st century there is room for all the Club models that are recognized by Rotary International . Be imaginative in the Clubs that exist and those that may exist . I propose that you lead the internal changes in your Clubs, that you analyze the situation, that you be flexible in schedules, meetings, fees, etc. But do not look outside what we already have inside . Clubs, which feel more entrepreneurial, have the freedom to encourage meetings with business circles, inviting them to get to know our organization and share ethical businessthat have always characterized Rotarians. Once a month, as an example, you can organize this type of Networking meetings within the headquarters, or with open meetings, or with other Clubs, where you can make known what Rotary is: A World Organization of Entrepreneurs and Professionals united by Ethical Values ​​trying to improve the life of the Planet and its inhabitants.

As our Rotary International President Holger Knaack says in his October message:

 All Rotary clubs have the opportunity to be innovative . Let’s trust those clubs, learn from them, and give them our support. Change in Rotary occurs at the community level as clubs lead this initiative by defining what this new Rotary can become . 

We are Rotarians , we are People of Action who see how  Rotary Opens Opportunities .

Ricardo J. Molina

Governor 2020-2021






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