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Luitpold Wolffskeel then gave a small talk about his connection with Rotary.

He is a member of the Bamburg Club, it’s the youngest and smallest club and is the only club that allows female members. They meet once a week on a Thursday for lunch. They don’t have one big project but raise money for the Tafel where they provide food for the poor. Among the fundraising activities is the Easter activity where they sell eggs in the centre of the city.

Leopold Wolffskeel And H.J. de Lange

Harry then gave his personal talk. Born in the North of Holland, he moved to Groningen for some years before moving to Amsterdam.  Functions within the company he took over Education Management where he not only renovated the protected building where the school was housed but also created and ran the program and was the Examiner for National Diplomas.

Harry became interested in Computers and Solar Panels as well as the safety rules whereby, together with a colleague, he designed the system for safety standards which is used throughout Holland today.

His interest in trains brought him to Mallorca in 2004, and following a difficult time with after that, he decided to settle in Mallorca, only going back to Holland as a Consultant to the Power companies.  

Thank you, Harry, for your very interesting talk.






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