Annual Report EndPlasticSoup

Dear Ambassadors, Supporters and Friends of EndPlasticSoup,

Recently we published our Annual Report 2019/2020 on the website,

And hereby we send it to you.

Together we achieved a lot, please read the Annual Report, and many thanks for your support:

Our aim is:

  • we continue to grow in numbers of supporters as a movement,
  • we grow in sharing best practices from our clubs via our newsletters,
  • we succeed in reducing our individual Plastic Mass Index (download the apps: My Little Plastic Footprint,  and Beat the Microbead),
  • we grow in supporting innovative solutions to solve the problem,
  • we Refuse, Reduce, Recycle by Awareness & Actions & Alliances. 

As you see in the financial report the year 2019-2020 closed with a surplus. 

We recently identified four projects, to be honored for their achievements with a donation of € 1000 each:

  • The Waterbarrier by the Satellite RC San Ignacio Bengue Viejo (Belize, D4250) 
  • Bay Adoption,  by RC Sotra (Norway, D2250);   
  • Cleaning the Rivers of the World, by RC South Ukiah (USA, D5130) 
  • EmergenSea-bag, EPS CollectiX-boat,  by D1850

Congratulations for Gomer Enriquez, Gunnar Buvik, Salvador Rico and Marja Ritterfeld

Save the Date: 5th June: Rotary EndPlasticSoup Action day 2021, make sure your club starts an action and use the combined logo’s to brand your EPS-activities on social media

Check our website for the latest news in four languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish.

Via googledrive we will share the actions packages for school challenges in four languages.

Please give us a reply if you want to be invited,  

Kind regards, 

Rotary EndPlasticSoup-team

Wytzia, Madelon, Gert-Jan, Willem, Wendela

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