On 3 June, Ennio Campoli a pupil at San Cayetano, accompanied by one of his teachers, Tracy, visited us. Ennio has been a member of the San Cayetano Debating Team for a number of years, winning The Best Debater a number of times in the Club’s  Inter-School Debating Competition. But today he came along to tell us of his recent win in an International Debating Competition for individual Students held in London recently.

Not only did the contestants have to make a prepared presentation to the Judges (and the audience) but had to deal with questions and then a second presentation – the topic provided only a short time before delivery – followed by more questions. So, a tough challenge for a 16-year-old.  As the winner, he will be addressing Members of the European Parliament and a delegation from the UN at a venue in Scandinavia. He has also done radio and TV interviews so we were lucky he could fit us in!

Anyway, he went on to tell us of his ambitions to be a Diplomat. Ennio recognised the need for Academic credibility and a good degree as well as languages. As the son of an Italian father, a Belgian mother, born in Brussels, lived in London and now living in Spain, he had the languages (including Catalan!) In terms of his degree, it will probably be Law based, with Politics or Economics.

Ennio has a confident and engaging approach with an ambitious agenda in front of him. However, his sense of realism came through which should enable him to keep his feet on the ground.

For those of us who have an interest in Brexit, perhaps the next UK Prime Minister might be advised to call on Ennio’s skills, even now, to take him/her through the process!!