Rotary Club Calvia International, at its meeting on Monday 1 April, presented Dolina Reynolds, Head of the International Department, Calvia Town Hall, with the Paul Harris Fellowship, the highest award that Rotary can bestow.

The award recognised the help that the Town Hall Calvia, and Dolina in particular,  have given to the Club over the years in its work to raise money for Calvia based children’s charities.

Nidya Melone, President of RC Calvía International, seen here presenting the award to Dolina Reynolds said “For a lot of our Members, and other Charity focussed organisations, Dolina Reynolds, head of the International Department, has been  “Calvia Town Hall”.

Dolina Reynolds has not just cooperated with us she has advised, guided and instructed us so that we have always been able to hold, and take part in events and in doing so to maximise our income and therefore our ability to give substantial sums to Charity.

Dolina’s outgoing and genial personality coupled with her can-do approach has been much appreciated by Members and has helped us enormously in our work. Our success is in no small measure due to her contribution. It was a pleasure to be able to recognise that with the Paul Harris Fellowship.

Dolina Reynolds expressed her thanks to the club and said that it was a pleasure to have been able to work with the members and achieve a successful fund-raising programme. The award was an honour and a privilege.