They’re off!!

No, not the first trotting race at the Hipodrom, Son Pardo, but the first debate in this year’s Inter-School Debating competition took place on 2 October.

Agora Portals Team: Violeta Clar, Paula Dittmann and Robin Albers

Agora Portals v Queen’s College, debating ‘Criminal justice should put rehabilitation before punishment’. Agora was for the motion Queens were against.

   Jackie Codd  Ollie Neilsen Graham Whitmore

Lots of facts and figures were asserted and provided – too many at times the Judges thought – but, nevertheless, a convincing case was made by each side. Did you know it costs the US taxpayer over $3million for every criminal sentenced to death – their incarceration and the legal costs associated with appeals?  And interesting contrasts between the US approach to criminal justice and that of Norway. Believe me there was something to learn in each of the presentations. Also, the passion with which each Team argued their case (despite not necessarily holding that view themselves) was impressive. In the end, however, a winning team and best debater had to be determined and the Judges (seen below) reached the view that the best team was Queen’s College, whose presentation skills edged out those of Agora Portals. The best debater also went to Queens College, when Paula Tornila was judged to have triumphed over all 5 others to achieve this accolade.

The winning team, Paula Tornila Maria Lopez,(with the Best Team Certificate) and Victor Erikson


With lots of support from Students and Teachers from both schools (as well as a number of Rotarians), the competition has got off to a good start. Well done to all concerned.

byline Mike Knight