Our Special Guest at the Monday lunch meeting.

The special guest are:

Presentation Rotaract

Founder of Rana Elizabeth Homberg


We had a very enjoyable meeting today where I had the great pleasure of presenting ceremonial cheques to Asdica 8K and RANA 5K.


Charity Galatzo Walk cheque for ASDICA a € 8000

President of Rotary Calviá International John Robbins and

RANA founder is Elizabeth Homberg

JAZZ NIGHT Charity cheque a €5000 – for RANA

President of Rotary Calviá International John Robbins and President of Elizabeth Homberg RANA

This year we purchased 40 letters and following today’s meeting we have 16 left for sale. I am asking that each member and associate member purchase at least 1 letter so that every child receives at least 1 present at Christmas. If you email me and copy Chris our treasurer I will send you a scan of your letter. Your 30E should be sent to our charity account.
Please don’t let any child miss out this Christmas. Lastly, I wanted to wish you and your family a very good Christmas and a prosperous, safe and happy new year.

Kind RegardsJohn RobbinsPresident Rotary Calvia International






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