As we all know, you don’t have to turn up at Finca Galatzo and do either the short walk 3km or long walk 8km to participate in the event. As usual, Queen’s College has provided a staggering donation of about €1400 towards the overall total we are providing to ASDICA.

All of the Students of Queens College, from the eldest to the youngest were invited to take part in a walk, in school time, most as part of their tutor groups. The older ones walked from the school to Bellver Castle. All through woodland. It makes a pleasant change from swotting away with the Tutor! It takes just over an hour, there and back.

The Students of Queens College undertook their walks every day of the week before the walk at Finca Galatzo. So, from Monday to Friday there was a stream of students walking to and from Bellver Castle and all wearing the House T-Shirts. So, an impressive sight in the area around the school, and all supervised by their Tutors.

On Friday, another group of Students and their Tutors tackled the task of walking to and from Bellver Castle, again in their House T-shirts.

The Reception Class

They all look so angelic and obedient when their Teachers are around, but some of them are probably little devils when they get home. Anyway, all of the little ones who took part in the walk were presented with a Medal on behalf of the Club by Jan Siegl. The Reception Class having to go through an ‘obstacle tunnel” before receiving theirs. Here is Jan doing her best to be serious when giving out the medals. It was a very pleasant and enjoyable way to spend a morning with the children and students of the School.

Thank you very much to Queens College, Heather Muntaner, Headmistress, the Staff and Students of Queens College for participating in the Galatzo walk in this way and for raising such a tremendous sum of money which will all go to help the youngsters with special needs who are the clients of ASDICA, a Calvia based charity.