The Rotary Club Calvía International is the Sponsor Club for the new Rotary Club Mallorca North East International, (Note the new name).

This club is enjoying a very long gestation, for several reasons, but I believe that in the end, the new club will be stronger for that. The latest delay is, of course, caused by the coronavirus pandemic which has forced the closure of our meeting venue, and a lockdown of everyone. We hope that the State of Alert might soon be relaxed a little and that we might be able to recommence our weekly meetings.

The new club has changed the meeting time and day to Tuesdays 13.00h for 13.30h, and we meet in the Club de Golf Son Servera in Costa de Los Pinos.

Just before the declaration of a State of Alert, we had completed our preparations to launch a big publicity campaign to spread the word about the formation of the new Rotary Club Mallorca North East International. This campaign will be in four languages and has several strands, and types of media e.g. posters, flyers, press releases, radio interviews, advertorials in newspapers and magazines, local tv interviews etc. We have also got a new website and a new Facebook page. Thanks to Peter de Pradines and Lone Kjaer for their work in bringing these to fruition. Needless to say, the launch of the publicity campaign is “on hold” just like everything else at the moment.

During recent weeks, I have been extremely well supported by some members of our club, who have all visited our fledgeling club meetings at least once: – Peter de Pradines, Mike Knight (and his wife Bernie), Gerdi Edtstadtler – Pietsch (and Peter), Saskia Porta and (Dominic), Jan Siegl and John Legate. Many thanks for all your support, and I look forward to welcoming other members in the future.

So far, we have about ten full members and thirteen associate members on our committed list, so we are about halfway to our target of recruiting twenty Charter Members. If anyone has any friends who live in the North East of Mallorca who might be interested in joining our new club, please let me know.

Geoff Moore

New Club Advisor