What, you may ask, has this Rotary Club got to do with the Windmill Theatre in London. Well, it was said, no matter what, that Theatre was always open. And in the middle of this Coronavirus crisis, the same is true of Rotary Calvia. We are meeting each week, via Zoom, to be sociable and to discuss relevant business. We have had two Board meetings via Zoom, with a number of members logging in as observers and although we havent been able to plan new activities we have been able provide financial assistance to two Charities – The Allen Graham Foundation and Age Concern, both of whom are active in the current situation helping those in need. We have used money already in the Charity A/C when the crisis began and donations received from members who have provided the money they have saved from the absence of Rotary weekly lunches, and the cancellation of the Handover Dinner for the Charity A/C. We have also been involved in the District Group which is coordinating projects focussed on the supply of Personal Protection Equipment for the medics and providing food for those in need at this time, using funds provided from Rotary International.

So, all in all, despite the lockdown we have still been able to meet – including involving some of our members in Sweden, Norway,Germany and the United Kingdom, who are unable to visit the Island at the moment – and do some positive things to help the community. Perhaps meeting via Zoom , not every week, but from time to time, will become a regular feature of our lives.