Every week our S@Arms, Geoff Moore does sterling service coordinating the meeting attendance. Some years gone by, Geoff discovered an online meeting manager called Doodle. At that time it was in development and free to use. During the early stages, Doodle was an excellent facility – when it worked. It could be ‘flaky’ and had errors.

Today it is a fully fledged application that does not (apparently) make mistakes but it will cost you a minimum 4 euro a month and has adverts unless you want to pay more.  Many of us can think of better things to do with that 50 euros each year and so Geoff handled the job by email.

Then, in 2016 – how time flies – we decided to build our own in-house version of Doodle. Written by Peter and because of certain other four-legged connections, our version was called Poodle. Having had a good run, Poodle declined, principally because of the need of our own website able to host it. 

Things have changed. www.RotaryCalvia.com (and www.RotaryCalvia.org) have had a major overhaul – which is why you’re able to read this now. And Poodle is back. Refurbished and brought up to date you will soon once again be receiving invites to attend meetings and functions through Poodle. It is really simple and easy to use – you get an email – you click a link – then click one more you indicating if you are attending or not – that’s it, job done. 

Poodle v2.0 has many under-the-hood improvements but there is also one visible to everybody – if you need to, you can now unsubscribe. Poodle maintains a mailing list but sometimes peoples’ circumstances change and they no longer wish to get email notices of our meetings. Fair enough – so now every outgoing email now has an unsubscribe link – two clicks and you’re off the mailing list. You are not deleted, only classed as ‘inactive’ thereby preserving the option you can always come back onto the list easily if, once again, you want invites to meetings and events.

Last time Poodle proved popular, especially with Geoff, saving him a lot of work every week. Hopefully, its return will be equally favoured. It is always developing so if you have problems or suggestions, just let me know.

When you click your email link this is what you see: