Present: Felicitas Ronning, Geoff Frosell, Geoff Moore, Harry de Lange, Gerdi Edstadler – Pietsch, Ingvar Bedrot, Jan Siegl, Karl Potzsch, Kate Mentink, Kathy Simmonds, Mike Knight, Nidya Melone, Peter de Pradines, Ralf Jansen, Ulla Jansen, Saskia Porta, Sue Worthington, Vivienne Lorentzon, Jane Kampf, Jan Ihden,

Visitors: Lena Dominique Nisson, Peter Pietsch, Bernie Knight, Nicola Ihlden, Lussia Kim, Dominic Porta, Sarah Schultz, Ulrich Fabarius, Nigel Shorten.

This was a lunch for the Club to celebrate Christmas, rather than a Christmas lunch – so no Turkey or Christmas pudding to be seen – Fish or beef and Cheesecake. But the restaurant was dressed for the festive season, lots of red, gold and green. And the weather was lovely and sunny and warm-ish. And it was made even more special by the Cava reception that Ralf and Ulla provided. Thank you.

The previous evening, President Ralf and Ulla, along with Kate Mentink, visited ASDICA to formally present them with the cheque for the money raised from the Charity Walk in October.

S@A Geoff Moore (it was good to see him back) introduced the guests and welcomed the new members who had been inducted in his absence. Ralf proposed the Toast ‘The Guests’ which included our Auditor and a past president of the Club, Nigel Shorten. He thanked Nigel for the work he had done for us recently.

Gerdi then spoke about the Youth Orchestra and the concert on 9 January. A note which spells out the details and how to get your tickets were circulated to members on 19 December. Personally, I defy anyone not to be moved by the performances of the young musicians. So, get your tickets ASAP. Gerdi went on to relate a tale – using both an American accent and a Spanish (Mallorquin accent) about a conversation between the captain of a USA aircraft carrier and a Spanish lighthouse keeper. Hilarious and well received. Will circulate in due course.

Geoff Moore then read out a card he had found in the Piece Hall in Leeds. The card will be circulated as well – just read it out in the vernacular!! But Geoff has promised to translate to anyone, if necessary, for a suitable contribution to the Charity Fund.

So, you can appreciate the sort of meeting we were embarking on!!. Ralf brought the meeting back to earth with a review of the first half of his term of office as President. 5 New members, 2 associated members, the Charity Walk which had raised over €10,000 for ASDICA, the School Debating Competition and the Christmas collection at Nice Price. Social events included the Green Valley walk, the Christmas lights walk in Palma with wine and tapas afterwards. Looking to 2020, we can look forward to a wine tasting event in the Spring and our new member Karl will take over as chair of a Committee to look after Fun Events.

The Club was looking to hold a Jazz Night on 11 March 2020 to raise money for a Charity and there might (might) be a Charity event for kids in February. The change of the day of the meeting from Monday to Wednesday would be reviewed soon, but in the meantime, the new Winter venue of Antica Roma was proving popular. We have had many interesting speakers and the Ego Reports where members tell us something of their background and interests had gone well and would continue. Ralf set out his aim of ensuring that Rotary Club Calvia International fulfilled its obligation to charitable activities whilst ensuring that the Club engendered friendship; vanity and jealousy had no place in our activities. He went on to thank all members for all their support in the first half of his Presidency. Ralf’s ‘State of the Nation’ message was greeted with a resounding round of applause.

In between courses we had some Christmas carols to which we were indebted to Jan Siegl for the lyrics and for playing a key-board. There was also some ‘national’ songs – our three Swedish members began the national phase, followed by Gerdi, who, to a standing ovation, sang an Austrian Christmas song and the Brits sang White Christmas.

A selection of pictures of this event are below:

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byline: Mike Kight