No, this article is not about those who take longer than they should explain their point at the weekly meetings or board meetings.

Haven’t people noticed yet that Ralf applies the District Governors technique – standing up to signal to the speaker they have had their allocated time! No, this is about the ‘social walk’ we undertook in early November, through the Green Valley, between Paguera and Es Capdella.

We all met in the car park just off the Paguera to Capdella road. Rotarians, Saloua Sfar, Jan Siegl, Jane Kampf, Ralf and Ulla Jansen and Mike Knight, together with Bernie Knight and Felicity and Karl, friends of Ulla and Ralf. We set off on a made-up road which eventually became a rough track and then we joined the road between Galilea and

Saloua brought her three dogs which, of course, were the stars of the show. Two of them are hunting breeds and enjoyed running off through the woods looking for a scent or two. Eventually, they were back on their leads as we approached and passed a few Fincas. Everyone managed to have a conversation with everyone else along the way as we rambled through the Calvia countryside. Lovely and sheltered by the surrounding wooded hills

it was warm and pleasant in the sunshine. The surroundings were green and attractive to look at so the physical exertions of ‘rambling’ were soon forgotten. We had to say goodbye to Saloua and her three dogs as we entered the village of Es Capdella, she was a member of the panel of three Chefs judging dishes prepared by students at the Hotel and Catering College in Palma. The rest of us went on to Sa Vinya for the menu del dia. And very nice it was too.

Too many choices to relate here, suffice it to say the Beef Stew and the Spaghetti Bolognese sauce was particularly good.

Here you see the assembled group of Rambling Rotarians enjoying their lunch with, of course, a  glass or two of vino. There were no toasts but we were thinking of absent friends. Why not come along next time? Well worth it for the company as well as the scenery, interesting trees and, of course, the physical exercise.

Photos mainly by Jane Kampf.

byline Mike Knight