Though there hasn’t been a report on this project lately, it doesn’t mean that there has been no activity.

As you know, I have been asked by Jesus Martinez, our District Governor to lead on a project to set up a new English-speaking Club to cater for perceived demand at the opposite end of the island.

The name of the new Club will be Rotary Club  Talayots International (this reflects the name of the local heritage rather than a place name) and I have arranged for meetings of the Club to take place at Son Servera Golf Club. The Golf Club is open all year round and has good meeting rooms and catering services.

We need 20 Charter Members and currently, we have 4 possibles. However, I am meeting some local business people in the next few weeks with a view to determining how and when to contact professional people in that part of the Island. Similarly, a meeting is being held with Jesus and Armando Pomar (who was instrumental in helping to organise the “official “side of Saloua’s Christmas Lunch for Children) to agree how to promote the new venture. We already have draft leaflets and letters on the stocks but it will be good to have a professional input (by an experienced Rotarian). There is also a skeleton web-site on the stocks, which will also be part of the programme to publicise the new Club and inform anyone who is interested in what is happening. The aim will be to promote the new Club from the early Spring onwards when that part of the island comes out of hibernation.

Of course, I am not doing this on my own, Peter de Pradines, John Legate, Frank Garrelts and Mike Knight are all involved and contributing to the project.

Once we have some additional possible Charter members we will be inviting them to attend meetings of our Club in order that they get some idea of how to run and organise a Club so that they might be able to hit the ground running. And Rotary Club Calvia International will continue to be on hand to help the fledgeling Club till it can fly on its own.