At our last meeting on Monday 28 April, Vitoria Sastre from Colegio San Vincent de Paul in Palma came along and was presented with a certificate, by club President Nidya commemorating the €2500 contribution made by RC Calvía International towards the costs of more computers for the school. A commemorative plaque will be placed in the school shortly.

In warmly thanking the club, and all its members, Vitoria explained that the school, located in a socially deprived area of Palma, regretfully received no grants from the central or local government for equipment. Such lack of official funding meant RC Calvía International’s contribution, together with help from Rotary Club Juniper Serra, was vital in providing access to computers for the pupils.

Vitoria went on to explain that in that area of Palma, many parents did not consider education was a high priority for their children. So, it was a significant challenge to get the children interested in their learning and their future. Having access to computers was proving a significant factor in encouraging them to come to school.

As a group, pupils comprised forty different nationalities with the result there was little cohesion and no common language or culture. Access to computers for research and education, together with controlled access to social media, was a most attractive incentive for them to attend school providing the chance to integrate with others, get a basic education and discover their potential for a brighter future.