It is said that in London, you wait for hours for a bus and then two or three come along together!

In the case of our Club, we have waited some months for a new member and last week (11 December) 5 came along together to be inducted (4 full members and one associate).

Of course, they were not strangers, all of them have been coming along to our meetings for some time. We have got to know them and therefore it was an easy task for the Board to approve their applications for membership, which they did earlier in the month.

The induction of the five new members was one of the first items on the agenda for the meeting. President Ralf invited, Felicitas Ronning, Vivienne Lorentzon, Harry de Lange, John Robbins, Karl Pötzsch and Jan Ihden to join him. Jan Siegl read the Object of Rotary and then President Ralf formally admitted them saying:-

“Rotarians Felicitas, Harry, John, Karl and  Vivienne, in the name of the Rotary Club Calvia International, I now formally admit you to membership in this Club and affix to your lapels our Rotary pin and name badge.

Fellow Rotarians, I commend to you our newest members,

  • Rotarian Felicitas, who has been given the classification – Healing practitioner.
  • Rotarian Harry, who has been given the classification – Engineering – Electrical
  • Rotarian John, who has been given the classification – Management Consultant
  • Rotarian Karl, who has been given the classification – Surgery Ophthalmology.
  • Rotarian Vivienne who has been given the classification – Interpreter – Public Relations

Rotarians, always remember Rotary’s motto: “ Service Above Self”. Rotary is like everything else – you get out of it what you put into it. Congratulations, to our five new Rotarians. At this moment, you are the newest Rotarians in the whole world!!!”

As an existing Rotarian, Jan (Ihden)’s induction was without the same degree of ceremony.

As you can see from the photographs the induction was carried out with the right degree of seriousness, but there was an underlying pleasure that the Club was gaining a number of eminent members and the round of applause they received at the conclusion of the ceremony by all the members present was enthusiastic. On behalf of the new members, Karl and Felicitas expressed their pride at being accepted for membership of the Club and thanked everyone.

A very memorable occasion, there can’t be many Clubs (or many President’s) who have inducted 5 new members at the same ceremony. A very pleasing codicil to 2019.

byline: Mike Knight