Monday 27 September Rotary meeting Bendinat Hotel

Frank Garrelts and President John Robbins exchange banners with a nice letter from the Rotary club Oldenburg in Germany.

Rudiger Cornehl and President John Robbins

Mr Rudiger Cornehl from Rotary Club Hamburg – Alstertal also on Mallorca, exchange the banner from his club with our President John Robbins.

John Legate

After a Long time John Leggate was present on the lunch, he stay the Covid time in Engeland

Presentation of Deixalles Foundation by Mari Carmen Medina and Cristina Sanz Ano

Mari Carmen and Cristina Sanz Ano

The Deixalles Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1986 at the initiative of the Delegation of Social Action of the Bishopric of Mallorca and the Federation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Mallorca (PIMEM).

The Social area is one of the transversal axes of the Deixalles Foundation.
The lines of work are training, job orientation and socio-occupational training processes.

Mari Carmen


Day care service for 21 people with disabilities due to severe mental disorders
It is a day care service that supports people with mental health disabilities who need organization, supervision and assistance in carrying out activities of daily living, as well as support in the process of acquisition and development of basic and adaptive personal, social and pre-employment skills, so that they can achieve, within the possibilities of each user, the maximum socio-occupational integration.
The main objective is the social and labor integration of people with disabilities associated with mental health. For this reason, it also has to give the necessary support to develop the maximum possible personal autonomy, promote training, take into account the family environment and coordinate with community resources in the area.

Start of the presentation from the JAZZ Night end of November 2021 by Felicitas Ronning and Geoff Frosell

Felicitas Ronning and Geoff Frosell

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