Last year the Rotary Club of Calvia International was proud to collaborate with the Deixalles Foundation. This non-profit making organization was founded some 33 years ago and now has a substantial base in the Industrial Estate of Santa Ponsa.

The organization is dedicated to assisting those living on the margin of society, to young and not so young adults with mental health problems, as well as seeking work opportunities for them. They also are heavily involved in environmental projects, specifically the recycling of objects discarded by the citizens. This ecological work receives no assistance from the various levels of the Public Administration.

The Director of the Foundation, Xisca Martí, last week gave a full report of the activities of the organization for the year 2018. The figures are truly outstanding.
– 948 vulnerable persons were assisted and helped on the road to employment.
– Ninety-five of these people received contracts directly through the Foundation.
– 2,839 tons of objects deposited with them were recycled
– They collected one thousand five hundred tons of clothing, and the majority of these re-used.

Kate, Jan, Kathy and Peter were all very impressed by the work done on an everyday basis during their visits to the Santa Ponsa centre.
Rotary Club of Calvia members should perhaps consider either leaving items with Deixalles for recycling or indeed visiting their centre for a possible purchase. You will be amazed by the extent of the essential work done by Deixalles.

byline: Kate Mentink