Sponsor Club Members Meet Prospective New Members of New Rotary Club

The new Rotary Club Mallorca Talayots is, at last, starting to become a reality. With ten prospective Founder Members in place, there is a new momentum gathering.

Last Thursday, September 26th, Peter de Pradines and John Legate travelled across the island to support Geoff Moore at a meeting of the new club. These meetings of the fledgeling new club will now be held weekly every Thursday evening at 19.00h in Son Servera Golf Club. When the required number of twenty members is reached, we can apply for the new club to be chartered.

New Club Adviser, Geoff Moore believes that quality is more important than quantity when selecting Founder Members and is not in a rush to charter the new club until he feels that sufficient committed new members are in place to enable the new Rotary Club to prosper.

Those present were: RC Calvià International – Geoff Moore, Peter de Pradines and John Legate.

Prospective new members – Reinhart Menzel, John and Linda Wilson. Several people sent their apologies. Several factors prevented attendance, e.g. Achilles tendon problems, the demise of Thomas Cook and a forthcoming big tournament at the golf club.