Letter November from Rotary International District

Dear friends:

Traditionally, the month of November has been dedicated to the Rotary Foundation. The Foundation is that part of Rotary that has made us capable of preserving today the humanitarian and human path which grants our organization of entrepreneurs and professionals its reason of existence and distincts Rotary from other organizations. You have already heard and read me arguing that, not contributing to its ends, is improper of a Rotarian. This month we have the opportunity to show our commitment to it, with our personal contributions so it can keep “Doing Good in the World”.

As the District Governor, I have the opportunity to work at the service of clubs and Rotarians, as you know that is the best of privileges of a Governor: being at the service of Rotarians.

This are different times that allow us to have our imagination active, and to keep our commitment to the society to which, as Rotarians, we all serve. We have to be inventive, and look for opportunities where others only see hardship. We are able to give the best of ourselves, to anticipate the situations, we are prepared and capable to overcome every obstacle. Leadership is knowing how to take advantage of those difficult moments to adapt to the change generated, and to become a generator of change all at once.

Our president Holger Knaack wrote in his November message:

All the district team, with me in the front, is at your service to help you in anything you need. I am counting on all of you, take

care, because Rotary is going to need all of us when this is over.

Together we are a force capable of changing the world. Have no doubt. I am very proud of you, all of you, and it is an honor to be a part of this organization.

We are Rotarians. We are People of Action that see how Rotary Opens Opportunities.

Ricardo J. Molina Governer 2020-2021

This allows you to respond if you deem it appropriate, make comments, reviews, etc. everything that helps improve will always be well received.

If you prefer to watch me on video our link to the District’s website is this:https://bit.ly/2JheLic (In Spanish… sorry)

Either way, my words are a faithful reflection of what I write. Here I am at your disposal for what you may need.

A big hug and please take care that we need to get through this and keep working together.






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