Dear Geoff,
After a smooth trip back to Hannover and the first working days in the office I am still (and certainly will be for a long time) under the impression of a great stay in Mallorca. The many visits to your club have largely contributed to the many very positive impressions I have taken back with me. I would like to thank you and your fellow members again for your very kind hospitality. It was such a pleasure for me (and my wife Frauke Wandrey) to be welcomed in such an open-minded and warm way. We feel truly honoured to have had the chance to meet so many interesting and dedicated people!
Yesterday, I took the chance to hand over your club banner to our newly inaugurated president (see the enclosed picture). It was her first official meeting as president, and our new District Governor was present as well. So it was a good example of “Rotary Club Exchange” on an international level!
Should you and/or anyone of your fellow members ever be in Hannover, please always feel invited to visit the meeting of our club on Wednesdays, 13.00 p.m., at the “Kastens Hotel Luisenhof”! I would be looking forward to seeing you again! Thank you very much and best regards,
Martin Firnhaber RC Hannover-Luisenhof