Just a few days ago, RC Calvía International, ably led by Geoff Frosell and his band (both his musical friends and his helpers), held another very successful charity Jazz Night at the Blue Jazz Club in Palma. This occasion was in aid of the Allen Graham Foundation and substantial funds were raid by both the event and the raffle for this worthy cause.

Full details and final amounts raised will be advised here as soon as the numbers are but in the meantime, you can enjoy the full gallery of pictures from the night here.

The Allen Graham Charity 4 Kidz was founded in 1992, it is dedicated to helping disadvantaged children and young adults in Mallorca who, through no fault of their own, do not have the opportunity to develop the skills that ensure a secure and safe future.

Every year in Mallorca hundreds of children of all nationalities, colour and creed, are either fostered by families or cared for in one of the 27 residential centres on the island. They have been abandoned, badly treated, abused or, for various reasons, have parents who are unable to care for them.

The charity provides homes and life skills for those who have been in care homes for most of their lives and suddenly, at the age of 18, have nowhere to go. Their aim is to assist them to develop in such a way as to be able to achieve the things they want in life. Just like their contemporaries in “normal families”, they need to feel they have a future, one that is full of opportunities, hope and happiness. They also support the children in need in Mallorca by providing items and help which are not currently funded by the state. Rosemary Stone is the president.

“The Allen Graham 4 Kids” Charity started over 25 years ago. Allen Graham was working for the Salvation Army and learned that the kid’s bikes had been stolen from their orphanage. This was in November. He vowed that every child would have a bike for Christmas, and indeed he fulfilled this promise with some 46 bikes.

And so started the project to make sure that every child in a home or orphanage in Mallorca had a present for Christmas. As time went on, every year the Charity also gave all the children in care a chocolate Easter egg and financed buying a book of their choice from Corte Ingles for International Book Day.

Allen Graham and Rosemary Stone (now Allen’s wife) have dedicated the last 25 years to the Allen Graham 4 Kids Charity.

Of course, the organization grew and developed over the years, taking on much more responsibility. Funding is principally by donations and the sale of second-hand goods in their shops in Cas Catala and in Puerto Pollensa.

They became aware that one of the main problems for children in the 29 children’s homes in Mallorca was when the children reached 18 years of age and wanted to study for a career. These young people had no option but to find work.

The Charity started their Mig I Mig (halfway) Project, and now the children’s homes contact them when they have a child who has no family to support them, is passing all their exams, studying hard and obviously going to be capable of going to college or university.

The young people are asked to volunteer for the Charity in the Charity shop in Cas Catala, and this way they begin to have a sense of helping others and learn punctuality, responsibility and social skills.

Those who are wanting to go to university, and pass the entrance exam, receive funding from the charity depending on their circumstances. Some manage to support themselves after a while taking part-time jobs or applying for grants. At present, there are 5 students at university.

Those young people who are staying in Mallorca to study at college may be offered a place in the charity’s apartment whilst they are at college. In the apartment, they learn basic life skills such as washing, shopping, cleaning, cooking, operating a bank account. The charity’s social worker and Rosemary visit the apartment several times a week for meetings with the youngsters, individually and together, to talk about their daily life, studies and their futures. All of the young people are in care through no fault of their own, for many their stories are tragic and very sad. There are currently 3 young people in the charity’s apartment in Palma, and they are studying hairdressing, event hostessing and public relations, and cookery. The Charity also receives regular updates from the colleges on their progress.

It is a great deal of work and responsibility, and both Allen and Rosemary praise the support they receive from their volunteers.

Donations such as the funding raised at the recent Jazz Night organized by the Rotary Club of our Calvia International are essential to guarantee the future of these young people.