The Debates team of Rotary Club Calvia International, Kate Mentink, Jan Siegl and Mike Knight, have been organising an Inter-School Debating Competition (in English) for a number of years. This season six Schools took part in the Competition, The Academy, Agora Portals, Bellver College, BIC, San Cayetano and Queen’s College.

The final was between Agora Portals and Bellver College and it took place last Thursday at the Sala Palma Nova. Agora was represented by Paul Marchena Fernandez, Lu Fornes Burnell, Diego de Sotto Martin by Sofia Garcia Tenorio Gomez, Blanca Fernandez Fuentes, Helena Cuart Balleste

The subject for debate was “Society is dependent upon Technology”. Following a draw, just before the start, Agora Portals argued for the motion and Bellver College against.

Each team member had 5 minutes to make their arguments in support of their Teams position, with the other side being able to question them in the course of their presentation. The amount of research that both Teams had undertaken was obvious the in the quality of the debate, the points made in support of their arguments and the inquisitorial questions that were asked by both teams of the other side. The audience learnt a great deal too about technology and its development. In the end, the independent Judges decided that Bellver College were the winners.

Their decision was, they said, very difficult because the Teams were so good. However, a decision had to be made and in the end, the presentational skills of Bellver College Team had the edge. In addition, Alberto Bodas Gallego, of The Academy was judged to have been the Best Debater in the Competition overall. 

The Third-placed Team was San Cayetano. Their team of  Sophie Roberts, Ennio Patak, Maria Gonzalez debated against Bellver College B Team in an entertaining and informative Exhibition Debate prior to the main event.                                                

The Competition, sponsored by Palma Pictures, The Town Hall of Calvia and Age Concern, has become a fixture in Rotary’s Calendar and the Schools’ curriculum and next year there is interest from a further two Schools who want to take part.

The UK’s Education Secretary has recently promoted Debating as a subject which helps Students to “think, develop and grow, and which will help their self -esteem and confidence”  Anyone watching the debate would certainly have agreed with that.