Whenever I go to Vienna for one of my short trips just to see the family and to check whether my home town is still as lovely as ever, I try to visit one of the many Rotary Clubs.

During my most recent stay on May 31 2019, I visited RC Wien-Ring. The word Ring comes from the famous Ringstrasse, the avenue which encircles the historic centre of Vienna with its innumerable beautiful historic buildings like the Vienna Opera House, the Burgtheater, the Parliament, the former principal Imperial Palace Hofburg, the University etc. etc.

As quite some other Viennese Rotary Clubs, RC Wien-Ring meets at the famous Hotel Sacher in the very heart of Vienna. In the Marble Room of the hotel, a few members had gathered on that day to welcome me. The club has over 80 members, but on that day almost all of them were out on their traditional annual excursion, so we were an intimate party of ten persons, nine members and myself as a guest.

I had the opportunity to tell them about our projects, above all about the Rotary Youth Orchestra of Mallorca, and as one of the present members happened to be one of the violinists of the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, I had an expert audience to address to. And I do hope that the word will spread among Viennese Rotarians and musicians so that something interesting for our young musicians might turn out. That gentleman also told me that there is a Rotary Orchestra in Germany (adults, not youngsters) and suggested that I should contact them for a possible invitation/exchange/common rehearsal/concert, whatever, which I will do.

After a delicious lunch, nice small talk and having exchanged banners I left the Hotel Sacher with the happy feeling to have possibly added another tiny little puzzle piece to the final picture of our Youth Orchestra becoming famous 🙂