Hello, so we do have another 3 weeks of lock-down, not unexpected, but still a very sobering prospect. But, first of all, on a lighter note, here is a picture of a Cactus in Geoff Moore’s garden which flowered on Friday last. Stunning, but by the time you read this the flower will have wilted – the cactus only flowers for 1 day. But that is the wonder of nature, whatever is happening in the world of we humans, it will carry on and do what it is ‘programmed’ to do.

I want to show off my geraniums, which at the moment are flowering in profusion. But I don’t want to compete with the above picture!!

I hope you noticed that I didn’t make any comment on the weather at the outset of this blog. That’s not because I haven’t noticed it or haven’t got a view. But I thought that most of the readers are experiencing the same weather and are pleased that there has been sun and warmth over the last few days. Because we live near the sea there is, of course, the breeze, always.