Just after the sun had risen on 6 October, activity started to ensure that the venue for the walk, Finca Galatzo, Capdella, was ready and able to take the 200 walkers expected. What preparations you make ask are necessary? Why can’t people just turn up, pay their money and do the short or long walk as they wish? Well, this note will tell you.

First of all, you have to make sure that the punters can easily find the Finca. So, Peter de Pradines and Mike Knight were tasked with the job of setting a trail of Rotary balloons from Capdella village, past Sa Vinya restaurant and on down to the drive entrance to the Finca car park . That was Peter’s task. Mike had to set the Rotary balloon trail from the drive entrance, all along the route to the Finca car park. That was all done by about 8.45, after which the pair, with Ingvar Bedrot, set-to to prepare the route from the car park, to the registration/payment area to the  ‘pens’ for the 2 groups of walkers. The aim was to ensure the smooth handling of the process and the arrival at the correct departure point for the walk, long or short, the individual wanted to do. And it worked. Working with the Town Hall staff, tables were set in place, the Arch through which the walks start and finish was inflated and taped walkways  set up to direct individuals to the right spot from which to commence the walk.

Everything went like clockwork. And before the first punter arrived everything was in place. Well, except for the Portaloos which never arrived and no one could get hold of the contractor due to deliver them. Others arrived to man the car park, undertake the registration and cash collection processes. Eventually, the ‘punters’ started to arrive all the action began, queues forming, money changing hands, wrist bands attached and directions given to the right pen and to the table to collect water and fruit donated by the Town Hall. Also, the Guide and Trainee Guides, supplied, again by the Town Hall, arrived, in their distinctive red uniforms. Then the safety briefing was given by Kate Mentink and Saskia Porta in English and Spanish and after a few words of welcome by President Ralf, who with cut the tape, the long walk was underway, followed 10 minutes later by the short walk. Phew!!  Feet uptime. No, because everything had then to be dismantled, taken down, cleared up – including all the balloons along the route from Es Cap Della to the Finca car park.

Meanwhile, 90 walkers were engaged on the 8km walk up to and from a viewing point on the Galatzo estate, a steep climb in places which meant a few had to bail out early and return to base. The guides were with the Group every step of the way, along with the Leaders and Sweepers from Rotary and 41 Club – upfront with the hale and hearty regular walkers, to the less-fit individuals at the back who were out for a stroll. But everyone on that walk made it up and down safely, no mishaps reported. On their return, some of the party, with a guide, went to the Finca itself, so they did a combined walk.

60 or so others took the short walk to the Finca and back, though some went on a little further. Handisport were on hand with their ‘special’ vehicles to take some of Asdica’s clients from the car park to the Finca as part of the walk. And Jackie Codd and her car as well as an ambulance, were on hand to help with any emergency, which again was not necessary.

So, the sun shone all day, over 150 walkers took part safely in the Galatzo Walk. Lots of Rotary banners and balloons on display along with Tabards, Shirts and caps. All enhancing the work of Rotary in the Community.

byline Mike Knight – photos by Vicky

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