Well, on 18 May, the Club met in person at Hotel Bendinat for a lunch-time meeting, the first since lock-down began. It was good to see fellow Rotarians ‘in the flesh’. Zoom is great for keeping in touch, but the real thing is much better. 

A select group of Rotarians

Of course we had to be careful and we had to accept some restrictions on freedom of movement within the Hotel, but all of us felt safe and impressed by the precautions that were in place – hand sanitisers everywhere, for example. The staff could not serve us with wine and so there was much laughter when president Ralf took on the role (without a napkin over his arm)  of ‘wine steward’ to serve the red wine on his table. However, he too was taking all precautions when he presented Nicola Ihden, incoming Treasurer with her name badge:

Observing social distancing

A lot of business was got through. Good to hear that District are in the final strait of being able provide assistance to the community here in Majorca. in the current crisis. Meanwhile, in addition to the financial aid the Club has given to the Allen Graham Foundation and Age Concern, the meeting (and Board) gave approval for a donation of 500€ to Tador, a foodbank and soup kitchen in Palma providing basic foodstuffs to families who have had no income since lockdown and a hot meal each day for those who live on the street. Rotarian Saloua Sfar, and restauranteur , is a prime mover here.

We have our Handover Meeting – no celebration or party, says incoming President Gerdi, in the current situation, on 29 June. But we were promised a glass of Cava. And, subject to the technicalities, we will try and do part of that via Zoom so that members elsewhere in the world can observe.

Incoming President Gerdi also said that she would be looking at doing a Zoom meeting for all members on a regular basis, subject to the technical issues being resolved..