From the desert to Mallorca: Laura Wrede, the German falconer at Palma’s airport. She gave a fascinating presentation to our meeting on the 16th of September. Even more impressive was she brought her falcon with her!

Laura was the first German woman to learn the art of falconry in Qatar. Now she is training a young bird on the island, Catalina weighs 696 grams this morning. The day before it was just over 700 grams. That means today she is hungry, and hunger means hunting. The five-month-old peregrine falcon is still a young bird and must first learn systematic hunting. She trains on a wide meadow next to Palma’s airport.

Catalina’s mentor is the German Laura Wrede, who has been living in Mallorca for a few months. She trains daily with the young hawk. The experienced Majorcan falconer José Salom supports them. Catalina should learn to their whistling while chasing Palma airport’s rabbits and small birds. Birds are a big problem for airports. On takeoff, planes easily ingest them into their engine intakes causing severe damage to the turbine blades and engine. They can frequently incapacitate an engine which is never a good idea but especially on takeoff.