Every Rotary Club gets a visit from their District Governor each year. This year was no exception.

Rotary Club Calvia International received Arturo Alagon, our District Governor for 2019/20. However, for the first time ever, he was accompanied by the two other District Governors from the mainland, Ana Puerto, District 2201 and Guillem Staez, District 2202. This is unusual, but the three Governors this year want to stress the collaboration that exists within Rotary and a joint visit was a good way of demonstrating the point.

The three Governors met the Board of the Club when the Governor and President set out their respective plans for the year. The Governor is keen to promote action in the community and he was pleased to learn of our planned Walk and participation in Kilo Day. The Governor invited us to apply for suitably logo’d Tabards as he wants to promote Rotary visibly and ensure that we Rotarians are seen to be involved in Community activities – with as many photo opportunities as possible.

The District governor also addressed the Meeting over lunch and in doing so presented a tile to our President, Ralf, to mark the occasion. This was a hand -made tile and one will be presented to all Clubs in District 2203.

As usual, the meeting took place in the setting of the Hotel Bendinat. The weather was balmy and therefore pleasant. The staff of the Hotel did us proud. A very good Menu and excellent service. Altogether a very memorable day.

byline Mike Knight