On the 13th of November, the club held its second meeting at the winter venue Antica Roma, Sta. Ponsa.

Present: Rotarians, Gerdi Edstadtler, Ingvar Bedrot, Kate Mentink, Mike Knight, Peter de Pradines, Ralf Jansen, Ulla Jansen, Saskia Porta. Visitors; Johnny Hermann, Felicitas Ronning, Bernie Knight, Peter Pietsch,  Jan Ihden, Dr Patrick Garcia.

Dr Patrick Garcia

The second meeting at Antica Roma Restaurant in Santa Ponsa. Excellent food again. Choice of Spaghetti with Pesto or Feta Cheese salad for starters, followed by either, pigs cheek or fish. Both were very nice, followed by Cheesecake. The Rosado, Blanco and Tinto were good too.

In the absence of an S&A, Kate welcomed the guests. Then we had a talk by Dr Patrick Garcia entitled Of Mice and bones. In essence, this was based on research done and papers written about research into bones – injuries and repairs to-with graphic descriptions of surgery undertaken on mice to repair breaks and fractures with pins and external braces.

Interesting information emerged. Bones renew themselves by 12% each year so that every 10 years or so we all acquire a whole new skeleton; 1in 3 individuals (male and female) will develop osteoporosis. There is medication which can prevent the degradation of bone structure but that does not help renew bones or repair fractures.

There was also descriptions and graphics of equipment used to stabilise bones following injury – some looked more like instruments of torture. Interestingly, up to 5% of breaks and fractures don’t heal, even after surgery and sometimes other techniques, like shock waves under anaesthesia have to be applied. A very interesting 15-minute talk. By the way, Dr Garcia replaced the hips of both Ralf and Geoff Frosell.

Ralf announced that Jan Siegl and Hugo Fraga were celebrating their Birthdays soon. On behalf of the Club, he wished them both Happy Birthday.

Debates News

San Cayetano and Queens with the Judges (Maria Lopez 4th from the right)

If you wanted to know about climate change, then you should have been at the Inter-School Debating Competition on Wednesday 13 November. Two of the best, and most competitive schools Queen’s College and San Cayetano, debated the motion “Its too late now to stop or reverse global warming”

There were the usual exchanges of views and statistics. Did you know that only 40% of the plastic used in Spain is re-cycled? Or that one strand of the climate change is to educate women in developing countries so that their ideas and determination can be used to make a difference. Thought-provoking stuff and it made many sit up and wonder why we had let the world drift into this situation. Anyway, as usual, the Judges had a very difficult decision to make and in the end they determined that Queen’s College were the winners of the Team event and that Maria Lopez of Queen’s College was the best debater.

Byline: Mike Knight