The wife of our Club’s Honorary member, Karl Homberg, received a very special prize just a few days ago.  Liz Homberg was awarded the prize for “ACTIVISMO SOCIAL” last Thursday in the annual DIARIO DE MALLORCA presentations.  This is a great honour for both Liz, and of course RANA itself and all the volunteers and professionals who make up the team.

For our members and friends who may not be aware of the work of RANA, this Foundation was started by Liz herself over 13 years ago.  It is dedicated to helping children when they have been sexually abused, but also letting them know how to avoid it if possible, and where to go for help.  RANA also helps adults who were sexually abused as youngsters, and still carry the weight of what happened with them.

Liz says “ in all parts of the world, where there are children, there are those who want to abuse them”.  The theme of the Foundation is “YOSOYRANA”,  /  “I am RANA”. They have reached out to thousands and thousands of children here on Mallorca, teaching them to break their silence, and shout and scream at the top of their voices. Their wonderful poster says it all!  They also run courses for parents and teachers, showing them how to recognize the first signs of abuse, even though the child initially may not say anything at all.   Our Club is very proud to have been a sponsor to RANA.

As a Rotarian, and someone who has been a friend of Liz for many years, it was a real honour and a pleasure to be with her in such a special moment of her life, together with husband Karl, family and her team of volunteers.


Kate Mentink.