Welcome (back) to Poodle

Welcome to Poodle

The RC Calviá version of online Doodle

At RC Calviá we have all come to rely very much on the Doodle system.

Doodle has greatly assisted for planning both meetings and events, allowing easier organisation for waiters with their table places, chefs for number of meals and the secretary for producing those excellent guest sticky-labels which help us so much to quickly get to know our visitors. However, as our club develops, we are finding we need more features. Doodle has served us well but maybe we can do a bit better.

All hail Poodle!

Why Poodle? Well it's Peter's version of Doodle - and that was the best name I could think of on a dark and stormy night!
- with humble apologies to Shultz and Snoopy!

Poodle has many new features which were not available to us on Doodle. But like all new software, it will have bugs, so please be tolerant with any surprise 'features' or typos you come across. Just let me know and we'll put things right.

Probably the biggest advantage of Poodle is it is 100% our program, we control the design and the code, it's home-grown and it's all ours. This means we can tweak, adapt and add-on anything we need. Maybe not a giant leap for mankind but certainly an improvement on what we were using before.

One important point: While it is not possible to change your response to an event invitation from here, you can do so by clicking on the special link you will receive in each event-invitation email. Now that's something you couldn't do on Doodle! So if you clicked the link in the email, said you were not coming and then found you can after all, you can now click on that email link again and change your response.

This can also be used for adding comments which you didn't know about when you first responded. Now if friends are joining you at the last minute, click again on the email-link and add the news about them coming in a comment.

Do let me have your feed-back. Complements and good suggestions are always gratefully accepted without charge by email. Complaints, groans and moans will only receive attention if written out on a 50 Euro note and handed to the secretary at any Monday meeting. Thank you.