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New RC Calvía International entrance plaque

Our summer venue, Hotel Bendinat in Portals is a beautiful spot on a beautiful island but, as in all things, beauty has its price. A brass plaque indicating this was our meeting place installed only a year or so ago had reached a disgraceful state caused by the sun...

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Return of the Poodle

Every week our S@Arms, Geoff Moore does sterling service coordinating the meeting attendance. Some years gone by, Geoff discovered an online meeting manager called Doodle. At that time it was in development and free to use. During the early stages, Doodle was an...

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Next Inter-Schools Debating Competition 2019-20

Time swiftly passes and RC Calvía International is now planning for the next Schools Debating competition. This continues to go from strength to strength ably led by Kate and her helpers on the Youth committee. They will be contacting the six schools which took part...

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Europe Day – Sunday 12 May 2019

As usual, at this time of year, the Europe Day celebrations took place recently in Palma Nova. The weather was excellent, and a huge variety of stalls turned out selling artisan goods, food, drinks – of every sort - alcoholic and otherwise – as well as entertainment...

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ASDICA Concert

ASDICA is a Charity dedicated to helping youngsters in the municipality of Calvia who are mentally and/or physically disadvantaged. The Rotary Club of Calvia assists their work with the donation of funds raised at our October Charity Walk “Walk for those who can’t”....

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Increase Membership – Food for Thought?

Recently associate member, Frank Garrelts, brought to the attention of Geoff Moore an interesting little book called: Double Your Club Membership in 6 Months - 10 lessons from a Rotary Club Pilot. The full text can be downloaded as a PDF from...

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RC Calvía International Newsletter Goes Online

In the somewhat distant past, RC Calvía International used to have minutes of the weekly Monday meetings. As far as we know, this was a unique feature of our club; it is certainly not common Rotary practice. However, due to our distinctly individual situation of being...

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