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Presidential Handover 2019

Oh, what a night! On a very warm and sticky evening, nearly 60 Members of Rotary Club Calvia International (RCCI) members and their guests enjoyed a great night at the Lindner Hotel in Portals Nous at the end of June, saying goodbye to Nidya Melone as President of the...

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Frank Garrelts – Triple Paul Harris Award

At the Handover Dinner last month, it was announced Frank Garrelts gained another Paul Harris Fellowship. His third and entitles this to a 2-sapphire pin. Frank is a very welcome Associate Member of Rotary Club Calvia international (his wife Monika is a full Member...

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International World Convention in Hamburg

Andreas and I visited at the beginning of June one day of the International World Convention in Germany/ Hamburg. We have got a special Invitation from the RC Hamburg. They arranged a boat-trip with their partner clubs of Munich and Switzerland. The boat was a very...

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Massive Progress at Deixalles

Last year the Rotary Club of Calvia International was proud to collaborate with the Deixalles Foundation. This non-profit making organization was founded some 33 years ago and now has a substantial base in the Industrial Estate of Santa Ponsa. The organization is...

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Kilimanjaro – Jan Wells to the Roof of Africa

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the Cancer Support Group here in Mallorca. They asked me if I would do a poster for them. Apparently, someone had let the cat out of the bag that I did this sort of thing. In short, I said sure - I'd be happy to do one, send me...

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Liz Homberg – RANA, and the little Blue Book

Longer-serving members of RC Calvía International will remember Karl Homberg, who was a very active participant and still is a great supporter of our club. Time and health considerations now restrict his visits, but we are fortunate to have him with us now and again...

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Up and Coming Champion Debater

On 3 June, Ennio Campoli a pupil at San Cayetano, accompanied by one of his teachers, Tracy, visited us. Ennio has been a member of the San Cayetano Debating Team for a number of years, winning The Best Debater a number of times in the Club’s  Inter-School Debating...

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