Having got used to the Zoom meetings organised by Frank Garrelts, which were very effective, we have now got back to meeting in person. Lots of social distancing – as you can see, our President, Ralf Jansen, presenting name badges to Karl Poetzsch, Ingvar Bedrot and Nicola Ihden.

Numbers have not been significant, 13 or 14 present for the last three weeks. But it has shown that we can meet safely in person and enjoy the company. And also get some business done. Not least a donation to the Foodbank/Soup Kitchen which Saloua suggested and encouraging ,members to provide good second hand clothing and household goods so that the Allen Graham Charity shop could be re-stacked after a water pipe burst on their premises and destroyed a substantial part of the stock.

It was interesting too to hear from a guest of John Robbins about the opening up of Rotary on the island after the Franco period. Antony Heine was a member of the Rotary Club Almudaina at that time.

Kate and Gerdi were able to report in person about what the Clubs on the Island, in conjunction with the District organisation had done in the crisis. Supplies of Personal Protection equipment had been obtained, provided and distributed and some Clubs had been given cash sums to develop projects to help the needy and destitute in their areas. Rotary Club Calvia International have not so far been given any funds to provide 20€ vouchers to those who are in need of food or personal cleaning materials.

However, it is worth recording that individual members of the Club were busy in their own way contributing cash and goods to help the disadvantaged during the lockdown – Saloua’s take away meal service included a contribution to the Soup Kitchen/Foodbank she was supporting. Hugo, and his fellow artists, undertook a “Virtual” Exhibition and the money raised went to another Charity. Meanwhile, members have been contributing the money saved by not having to meet the cost of a weekly Rotary lunch to the Club’s Charity Account. So, even if the Rotary International Disaster Fund has proved not to be a fast moving vehicle to relieve suffering, individual members have certainly done their bit .

The Club is also planning to have a Handover Meeting on Monday 29 June, and as many members and guests are asked to come along. In the current climate it is not going to be a party or celebration but we have the incoming Assistant Governor coming along. There will be a Cava reception followed by the handover from President Ralf to Incoming President Gerdi and then lunch.